This season's jewelry trends have something to say

Accessories are a key look this season, as well as a great way to update any wardrobe. And a number of both fresh - and timeless - jewellery trends are emerging on the market to help you do just that. A few of the hottest trends this season include right hand rings, cocktail rings, charm bracelets, vintage style jewellery, circle jewellery and layered jewellery.


However, aside from retaining an unfailing fashion-ability, jewellery is about stating who you are - just look to the defining jewellery trends of iconic and alluring stars like Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner. That said, even today, there's no better place to uncover the latest jewellery trends than on your favourite celebrities. Jennifer Lopez and Drew Barrymore, for instance, love the layered jewellery look, while the likes of Jennifer Anniston, Cameron Diaz, Kiera Knightly and Paris Hilton have all been seen sporting circular jewellery - or more specifically, the 'circle necklace'. Moreover, jewellery trends tend to outlive fashion trends - so your jewellery will dazzle season after season.


The right-hand ring jewelry trend, for example - a trend by which women buy diamond rings for their right hand - represents women's independence and empowerment. The trend has been big in the US for some time, but is making its way over to the UK this season. Another variation of this is the cocktail ring. Every fashion-conscious woman is wearing one: they're big, bold and colorful, and are generally worn on the right hand. And while cocktail rings can be crafted out of diamonds, they're most often big gem stones or prominent statement pieces. Bracelets form another large category in this season's top jewelry trends. Wooden bracelets, for example, are making a big comeback; however, other bracelet trends seem to hold an incessant gaze in the jewelry market. One trend that's always in style, the charm bracelet is a simple yet fun way to accessorize. You can buy them already assembled, or you can purchase a linked chain, collect your charms, and make your own, distinctive charm bracelet.


Certain styles of jewellery - such as vintage - are also expected to maintain their appeal this year. Classic vintage jewelry always holds some part of the jewelry market limelight; it captures the spirit of the 1950s, featuring modern interpretations of vintage classics which will, in time, become classics themselves. Stylish and timeless, heirloom vintage pieces will never go out of fashion.


Circular jewelry is another prominent component of this season's defining trends. The circle, perhaps the simplest of all shapes, is an endless symbol of love and life; circular jewelry is therefore a perfect way to celebrate a big step or a turning point in your life. Another major trend in the US, the circular design is particularly popular in the form of the 'circle necklace' - a necklace with a circle pendant, often decorated with diamonds.


And finally, layered jewelry is strong this season! Layering is about wearing many of the same type of pieces at the same time - a particularly strong trend with yellow gold jewelry. And if this approach to jewelry seems a little heavy-handed to you, rest assured that layering needn't look heavy or overdone - just as long as the right pieces are layered together. So don't buy one necklace, bangle or bracelet this season - buy five!


You'll find a number of jewelry specialists who prioritize and recommend the latest and most classic jewelry trends - so you can take your pick and accessorize - whether it's to update your wardrobe or simply complement your distinctive style.


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